Windows 2000 Installation

For anyone having difficulty in getting the empeg to work in USB mode with Windows 2000 here's how...

Ensure that you have a recent copy of emplode loaded on your 2000 box; beta7b and later should support this, although I'm using beta8a.

Once emplode is installed, when you attach the empeg to your PC, it will pop up and ask you for the location of empegcar.sys. Browse to <windows root dir>/system32/drivers and select empegcar.sys - click OK. Next it will ask you for the location of the .inf file. Browse to <windows root dir>/inf and select empegcar.inf - then select OK.

All done; follow the prompts to finish driver installation.

emplode will now work ok on 2000!

Have tried this on Windows 2000 professional rc2. Can't vouch for any previous, but should work ok.

Contributed by John Rutkin

Serial Port Trouble

When using the serial port to upgrade your empeg, remember to disable software that may be trying to use the port, such as the Palm HotSync utility.

Contributed by Amos Shapira

Ordering Tracks

There has been much discussion about adding tracks to emplode and whether it gets the order correct. I find that using the mouse to make the selection is dodgy.

Create the Playlist you need in Emplode, switch to Explorer and selected the directory you desire, select all (<ctrl> A) and copy (<crtl> C) then switch back to Emplode and paste (<ctrl> V) them into your Playlist.

Contributed by Murray Wayper

I had problems with drag-n-dropping files also, but I found out that the following works fine.

The tracks will now remain in the same order.

Contributed by Roger Roumen