The Player

Controlling the Player

These are the basic commands that can be sent through the serial port (might work with the USB port but haven't tested it) to control your empeg.

      q - Drop to Shell 
      r - Restarts Player 
      [ - Switch to empeg channel 
      ] - Switch to radio 
      = - AUX Input 
      s - Full Screen On/Off (CD-MD CH button) 
      + - Volume + 
      - - Volume - 
      x - Volume + 
      z - Volume - 
      C - Play 
      p - Previous Song 
      F - Fast forward 
      B - Rewind
      K - Loudness down 
      L - Loudness up 
      <space> - play 
      W - pause 
      \ - Sleep On/Off 
      f - Seek? 
      v - Next Vis 
      b - Seek? 
      n - Next Song 
      1-9 FM Preset 
      . - FM Down 
      ; - FM UP 
      ` - Radio preset store 
      O - FM preset 
Contributed by gandolf


The following directives may be placed into the empeg player's configuration file, /empeg/var/config.ini.


n = number of chunks to reduce the cache by (dev. max 48)


Timecodes & FID numbers outputted to serial port.


Disable disk activity icon.


Set serial port speed while docked to n.

Contributed by David Priestley


FIDs are made of 28 bits - ie the object number, plus 4 bits at the bottom which refer to the type. *0 is the actual object data - in the case of a playlist, this is 4 bytes per playlist entry which is simply the fids of the items it contains.

The *1 files are the tag files, which are plain text and have fields, eg:

title=Country House

(length refers to the length of the *0 file). User tags currently can't be added with the software (actually... maybe on the linux stuff) but are stored and preserved by downloaders (pc & linux).

Contributed by Paul