File Repository

Most of these files are referenced from elsewhere on this site; they are gathered here for convenience.

Size Date File Description
Developer Tools
27124102 13-Sep-1999 arm-linux-toolchain.i386.tar.gz ARM/Linux cross-compiler for i386
Debian ARM Packages
103022 13-Sep-1999 lrzsz_0.12.21-2_arm.deb ZMODEM transfer tools
68406 13-Sep-1999 ppp-pam_2.3.9-1_arm.deb PPP binary for use with PAM
247550 13-Sep-1999 ppp_2.3.9-1_arm.deb Basic PPP daemon and support files
502820 13-Sep-1999 util-linux_2.9w-3.1_arm.deb Miscellaneous utilities including cfdisk
1301490 13-Sep-1999 zsh_3.1.6.pws3-1_arm.deb The Z shell
Empeg Upgrades
426608 09-Sep-1999 pppkernel.upgrade Empeg kernel with PPP support
520681 01-Oct-1999 pppkernel7.upgrade Empeg kernel with PPP and IrDA support
Sample Code
667 14-Sep-1999 dblit.c Dump stdin bits onto display
857 07-Mar-2000 blitraw.c Convert image from 8 to 4 bpp and display
656 15-Sep-1999 beep.c Make DSP beep
2580 16-Sep-1999 intercept.c Catch consumer IR signals and beep
1172 15-Sep-1999 ir.h Header for intercept.c
1321 06-Oct-1999 mute.c (Un)mute the audio
1569 17-Feb-2000 mixersrc.c Set audio input source
Demo Code
109817 19-Mar-2000 empeg-scroller.tar.gz Text scroller
70030 29-Apr-2000 pngtest-0.1-empeg-arm-linux.tar.gz Display PNG images
8548 09-May-2000 compress.c Automatic volume adjustment
249486 26-Jul-2000 sidplay.tar.gz C-64 SID music player

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