Demo Code

Play C-64 SID Music Files

This package contains an executable and instructions for playing Commodore 64 SID music files. Over 10,000 of these files can be found freely available on various web sites. One test track is embedded into the player.

In principle, this is just a libsidplay & sidplay compiled under ARM with some modifications to the audio driver, plus a very simple UI for changing tracks and adjusting the volume. It has proved to work on both the Mk1 & Mk2 using Beta12b.

Contributed by Kim Salo

Automatic Volume Adjustment

This is experimental code to perform normalization in real time. For full details, please refer to this thread on the Unofficial empeg BBS.

You need to compile this with -lm because it uses math library stuff in voladj_init(). It's more readable that way, but of course we could do absolutely everything with integers.

The program takes raw 16-bit PCM data, and reads from stdin and writes to stdout.

Contributed by Richard Lovejoy

Displaying PNG Images

This is an example code with binary that allows you to load an arbitrary-sized bitmap in PNG-grayscale format, and display it anywhere on the empeg's display. It's not optimized at all, but it's a good starting point if anyone wants to play around with it. It even includes rudimentary alpha blending (watch demo to see).

Contributed by Ryan Drake

Text Scroller

This is a small 3rd party experiment of using empeg-car's display for scrolling a text plus some other effects.

To run this app, just simply untar all files and run scroller. With the default text, it will last for about one and half minutes. You can exit the program any time by pressing the bottom button from display or by pressing the * key from remote.

Contributed by Kim Salo